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Track3 Diabetes Tracker

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Track3 Diabetes Tracker makes living with diabetes easier than ever by tracking all of the factors that keep blood glucose balanced. Track:* food (database includes 100,000 foods)* glucose* insulin* medications* exercise* weight
With multi-device add-on option, use any number of devices to manage your data. For example, use Track3 Diabetes Tracker on your iPhone while outside and on your iPad while at home. Your data automatically shows up in all your devices!
* Easy to use glucose tracker and logbook* Chart glucose trends * Carb and calorie details for over 100,000 foods* Customized information for the foods, exercises, and medications unique to your life* Enter your own foods and recipes* Use as a carb counter - adjust serving sizes to see the exact amount of carbs in your meals
* Record your own insulin and medication types* Log and track blood glucose, food, exercise, insulin, and medications
* Email your log information that can be opened by any spreadsheet program.* With the multi-device sync add-on, you can share data among multiple devices and view your data on
* Be able to monitor glucose levels (mg/dl) * Build a "favorites" list of foods and exercises for quick entry* Create pre-set entry categories like "100 calorie snack" or "morning coffee with creamer"* Utilize exercise calorie per minute values specific to your weight, time spent, and type of exercise done* Enter direct calorie or carb values displayed from cardio machine workouts* Create customized exercise routine entries, such as 200 calorie yoga class.
The Track3 Diabetes Tracker App is the diabetes manager and tracker that people with diabetes have been waiting for. You can now leave carbohydrate and medication worries behind by letting the Track3 Diabetes App assist with managing glucose levels. Track3 logs nutrition and exercise information as well as oral medications and insulin. It will even record different insulin types plus unique foods and exercise routines. Track3 Diabetes logbook app keeps at their finger tips all of the information people with diabetes need to stay healthy.
Diabetes management made easy!